Piero Roccasalvo

(Syracuse 1974). He obtained a diploma of Maturity of Applied Arts, section Decorative Painting at the State Institute of Art in Syracuse. He studied painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice with Prof. Giancarlo Venuto and Luigi Viola. Along with Viola and Carlo Vedova she creates a video project entitled, Abgrund. In 1994 he joined the Thousand Group active until 2002. In 1997 he ottie- a scholarship at the Middlesex University Fine Art in London. Complete the cats academic studies, specializing on the paintings of Francis Bacon. In the academic year 1999-2000 is professor of painting and painting techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts Giotto di Modica. In 2005 he was selected by the Academy of Motion Blue for the realization of the sculptural national prize Gianfranco Merli.Frequenta the Workshop - Palazzo Carminati (Venice) - directed and curated by Chiara Bertola, concretely tized in the exhibition entitled Take Me Home coordinated by the group Brancusi heirs to the Bevilaqua La Masa Foundation (Venice). 8 to 13 October - 26 October 17, 1996 - Exhibition catalog Electa.Vincitore of Contemporary Art, "Siciliani 2007 European Prize", sponsored by the Regional Province of Catania and the University of Catania, on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of European Union. Director prize, Carmelo Strano.E 'the only Italian artist who the critic Hans Ulrich Obrist has reported on El Cultural (13/19 November 2008) Magazine of El Mundo. Obrist included him in a list of twelve artists from all over the world, for the tenth anniversary of the magazine.