Electric Blue Gallery is very proud to present the extremely talented textile-based sculptor, Rowan Mersh. He explores form and fuses concept with technique, emphasizing experimentation as the focus of his practice.

The essence of his work lies primarily within the complete understanding of the material he is working with. Understanding a textile’s inherent characteristics, from their structure, the way they are knitted, woven or formed, to the yarns used in their construction, form the platform of his practice. He works instinctively, exploiting these inherent qualities within the fabric. It is this affinity with the cloth that informs possible capabilities, potential for manipulation and subsequently feeds his creations.

HIs aesthetic and working technique are derived from a purest approach to creation. For example Fabric Sculptures are formed from a single piece of cloth for which only a single cut is made to detach the fabric from it's roll. Whether it is the conceptual relevance of the encompassed object within the fabric or the utilization of the stripe to visualise the distortion occurring within the structure of a fabric when stretched, he attempts to use only what is absolutely necessary to create a piece or project. Another example of this is his principal use of black and white, for as Goethe demonstrates in his Theory of Colours, lightness and darkness are the two central properties in the creation of all colour.